Q: Who needs the cuteTrac solution?
A: Any one who have more than few vehicles to manage will require this solution to manage efficientl.

Q: Is there any device installed in the vehicle?
A: Yes. A small palm size device is installed in the vehicle and hidden under the dash board. Even the GPS Antenna can be hidden based on the type of vehicle where it is installed.

Q: Do we know the location when the engine of the vehicle is switched off?
A: Yes. The device will monitor the ignition and report the status to the user.

Q: What happens when the vehicle is in a non-GSM coverage area?
A: The device will store the data in the internal storage and report everything to server when the GSM connection resumes. So no data will be lost and it can be replayed.

Q: How accurate is the position of the vehicle on the map?
A: The vehicle never leaves the road on the map. So you can imagine the accuracy and it is only + or - few meters.

Q: Can I monitor my vehicles using my smartphone?
A: Yes. The live vehicle locations can be seen in mobile. However, all the complex reporting and playback features are enabled only in the desktop/laptop.