cuteFM is a defect reporting and followup system that is derived product from cuteSnap. cuteFM is specifically useful for facilities such as condominiums, shopping complexes to maintain their places tidy and free from defects. 

Current Practice

  • Has a mobile phone and Takes a photo and posts in Whatsapp Group.
  • The appropriate action party takes necessary action and responds in the same group.


  • Messages goes in a flow and some are left out without action. 
  • There is no reporting on how many issues reported and solved etc.
  • The action message will come at a later time and many not able to relate the actual issue reported earlier.


  • With the mobile App report the issue.
  • While reporting select the exact location including unit numbers
  • Describe the issue with detailed text message.
  • Take multiple photos and submit together as one issue.
  • The data are all sent to the server and nicely disploayed in a tabular format.
  • Each case has a workflow of "New Case", "In Progress", Closed. 
  • The action party will close the case once the action is taken along with description and supporting photos.
  • Reports can be generated. 
  • Easy to follow up.
  • Management can view and monitor. 

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The Mobile App can be downloaded from