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Pressure Vessels

cuteQM for Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers

cuteQualityManager for Pressure Vessel and Heat Exchanger is the solution for managing and moniotring all the QA activities of fabricators to run multiple projects successfully. The system helps to manage the PQR, WPS, Welders, Material, Stage Inspections, Report generation, Report compiling and automatic MDR generation,

Key Areas

  • PQR, WPS and Welder monitoring
  • Material Inspection and Traceability
  • Stage Inspections
  • Final Documentation



With tremendous amount of domain knowledge, the solution is built to take care of all the QA department's day-to-day activities in an efficient manner.
Welder Module deals with PQR, WPS, WPQ and Welders. The welder log, Defect Analysis Welder Performance are all covered here.
Material receiving, inspection, certificates safe keeping, Cutting plan and Material verification reports are managed by the Materials module.
All stage inspections starting from Fitup, Weld Visual, NDT (RT / UT / MT / PT / PMI / PWHT / Ferraite / Hardness etc) final dimension, tube bending, tube sheet expansion, leak tests, pneumatic tests etc reports can be generated from the system.

  1. Inspection Test Plan
  2. Weld Map
  3. WPS Register
  4. Material Inward Inspection
  5. Material Traceability
  6. RT
  7. MT
  8. MT
  9. PT
  10. TOFD
  11. PAUT
  12. Eddy Current
  13. PWHT
  1. PMI
  2. Ferrite
  3. Hardness
  4. Final Dimension
  5. Leak tests
  6. Pneumatic Pressure
  7. Hyrdostatic
  8. Blasting and Painting
  9. Daily Weather Condition
  10. Tube bending inspection
  11. Tube sheet expansion
  12. Tube hole & expansion
  13. Weld Joint Inspection Summary
  • All the inspection reports can be automatically loaded into the scanned documents.
  • The final documentation with proper indexing and page numbering is done automatically with simle configuration. Now with cuteQM, when the vessel is shipped the MDR can be shipped along with it.
  • The equipment calibration data and reports with appropriate reminder alerts.
  • Now with cuteQM, when the vessel is shipped the MDR can be shipped along with it.
  • There are much more functionalties available as part of the entire solution. Contact us for more details and free demonstration.

For more information, write to Enquiry Form or | Cutech - Download Brochure.