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Your organisation receives many enquires and they needs to be registered and appropriate quatation needs to be prepared/approved and sent to client. When the job is awarded to you, a project is created. Your office HR maintains the staff and their details. Everyone clocks in their attendance against the project and  you will know how much man power is spent on each project. Similary every purchases made are against a project and you will know the cost of material. The cost of men and material makes up the main part of your office operations. 
cuteOffice has the following modules
  1. Human Resource
  2. E-Leave
  3. Planning
  4. Time Attendance
  5. Payroll
  6. Purchase
  7. Stores & Issuance with Assets
  8. Sales and Enquiry
  9. Accounting

The cuteOffice HRM Suite is pre-Approved@SMEGoDigital programme and entitles for upto 80% gvernment grants.


Human Resources

The employees are registered in HR Module and an unique id is assigned to them. The entire information about the staff, starting from particulars, identity card details and copy with expiry dates, passport details and copy with expiry dates, courses attended and their copy with expiry dates, their leave entitlements, gender, nationality, marital status, kids information are all managed. 

Time Sheet


The employees are registered in HR Module and their leave entitlements, gender, nationality, martial status, kids information are all managed. Based on these parameters, the leave application is dynamically allows the users to make the leave request. The leave can go through the approval process. Approved leave can be used in the time sheet to calculate the salary payment.

Apply Leave

Leave List

Time Attendance

More details at cuteTime page.

Time Sheet



Purchase Module

In any organisation, if the purchase process is controlled by the management, it can save allot of time and money for the company and the projects can run on time.

Purchase Process

Purchase Process

Enquiry / Quotation

Each and every enquiry received by the company needs to be registered to make most of it. Also the complete track record of each customer needs to be managed well.


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