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Underwater & Subsea Services

West Squadron Marine , one of the marine companies under CUTECH group, specializes in providing a large spectrum of underwater services.  We are experts in underwater services , subsea services , Deep Diving  services, Marine Engineering , Marine Transportation, Rope Access etc. Please Click here for more details.


  • Main Hull Cleaning
  • Propeller Inspection
  • Super polishing
  • Rudder Inspection
  • Thrusters Inspection


  • Foul Clearing Inspection
  • Hole Patching
  • Fixing
  • Underwater Cutting
  • Underwater Welding


  • CCTV Inspection
  • Concrete Placement
  • Grout Placement
  • Subsea Services
  • Cathodic Protection

Cutech is a Commercial Diving company singapore specialized and strong in the presence of Marine, Oil & petro chemical industry over a period of years and fast expanding its growth in onshore and offshore industry. Cutech Provides Expertise and Experience with high quality of Man power , Material and underwater inspections services to its clients.

Cutech Diving Services experience is extended to a vast like an ocean, in the field which is proven, in the form of Ship Maintenances, Underwater, subsea services and NDT Inspection.

Cutech group of companies understands and respects the challenges of working in marine environment. Our team of marine construction professionals has the ability to anticipate and comprehend the complex issues associated with any marine project. Combining unique approaches, construction experience and a solid understanding of the marine environment.

Cutech group strives to meets its client's objectives through safe reliable and efficient work practices. Click here!

Agents / Associates / Partners Required

For more information, write to Enquiry Form or | Cutech - Download Brochure.